Saturday, October 6, 2007

raver doggy

I just had a quick squiz at martingale collars online - flat collars wreck Sahara's fluffy neck, and the chokers either burn holes in Phoenix (as posted here) or go rusty and make Sahara orange. As I was browsing the great website I found - Topdog - I found the reflective collars and leads. I've been contemplating getting some for a while now, as we a) live right near a main road and have no fence, and I've been known to let them out for a wee and get sidetracked and b) I do a fair bit of walking at dusk, and quite often around roads or in the bush where I cant quite see the mutts. I used to have LED flashing lights on their collars, but Sahara lost hers in a river and Phoenix's fell off somewhere between home and the park. I don't repDogs - I found a great selection of flashing collarsally like those tacky collars with the flashing stars; I want a collar that is functional by night and not hideous by day. It flashes red at night, and is standard yellow reflective by day. Does anyone want to tell me to stop being obsessive compulsive about being hit by a stray car before I go buy all this stuff?

Speaking of OCD, I also want to get the leg bands - they're brilliant on horses on the road at night, and Sahara doesn't mind things on her legs (yes. I've dressed her up as a gangster and put arm bands on her before. My bad). but I think Phoenix will tear them off and eat them.

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