Friday, September 21, 2007


I went to visit my brother for his birthday yesterday. I think he particularly enjoyed Sahara - she's met her match in him; someone who gives as good as she does, and retaliates even better. And yes, that's my 'blow up man' in the right of the shot - he has no appendages, he is merely for comic value when the religious people knock at the door/when entertaining guests. As you can see, Phoenix was loving the attention (from Mum, not Clinton, the blow up man), and giving his best 'my mother beats me' type smack of the paw, indicating he wants some lovin' because he's just so neglected. Ha. Mum and I took them for a lovely walk through the wetlands, and as she has some neurotic fear they will eat small children, I kept them on leash (with many warnings Sahara likes playing in bogs and will quite happily drag one in after her) and Phoenix was sporting his new choke chain. I wondered why he kept getting a dirty patch on his neck, and on closer inspection realized it had BURNED A HOLE IN HIS NECK (see photo evidence below). It took off around an 8cm strip, complete hair loss and red raw skin. It doesn't seem to bother him, and he's lapping up all the attention I'm giving him for being such a mean puppy mummy.
On the long drive home, I asked Chef to tape a show on called 'Millionaire Dogs', which I watched this morning. Other than how callous they were about how many dogs are euthanized each day in NYC, and showing pet stores with puppies for sale in a somewhat encouraging way, it was pretty darn good - although hit a little too close to home with the whole 'I do that...' and 'If I had the money Sahara would have those' type moments.

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