Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hydrobath time!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Sitting.

I've spent the week trying to organize a baby-sitter for the kids, as we're going away for the weekend, and I've only been left with one option via the agency we're going through. I just called to have a chat with my pet minder, and I'm a little concerned. She already has three dogs there (and I think we're mostly aware Sahara is rather Top Dog and goes to any means to be in that position), two of which are female. Oh Lordy. Aside from that, she didnt' seem to be aware of the fact Sahara cannot be left outside for ANY amount of time - and with 4 other dogs, that would surely be asking for a broken leg or two - to which she said "I'll leave the laundry door open". What does that mean?

I'm also meant to arrange a time to meet the minder before I agree to her looking after my children, but she didn't seem to know this - and I was in too much of a delusional state of mind after my bad haircut and lack of food to push the point - but now I'm getting a bit worried. I think I'll give her a call back in a few hours once I've thought it through a little more.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

General Update on Doggyness.

Sahara had a check up on Tuesday, along with her final weekly cartiledge injection. The vet said she is healing super quick, she's still remarkably fit, and she'll be able to enjoy some gentle off leash exercise in the coming weeks. I mentioned she doesn't understand the concept 'gentle', and she'll be on lead for a verrry long time. I was hoping she'd be miraculously fixed for our camping trip in November, but no such luck - I'll have to count myself lucky she's well enough to even make the trip with us.

I had a slight fit of depression on Sunday morning, as we attended the Pets Day Out across the road to us. There were hundreds of dogs - and that meant there was fly-ball and lure coursing demonstrations, the two things she would absolutely excel at and to which she will never be able to do. There was even signs up at the lure course warning of the dangers of rupturing cruciates. But again, it was amazing she even held up on her first big walk to make it there and back, and no one stared at her shaven leg and bald epidural patch too much.

Phoenix has been enjoying his daily hour long walks, which now include Bruza, Mac, Kaos, Mayhem, Kai and whomever else we manage to pick up along the way (usually a lone dog sees our big group and comes to play, refusing to go home with their rightful owner) but he pulled up a little sore last night, so we've just been for gentle strolls around the block this afternoon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

She is, fo shizzle, gonna win.

Sahara is SO going in for this!

Do you think maybe I can put hot pink bandages on ALL her legs so they wont notice she only has fur on three of them, and somehow hide her hideous epidural bald spot?

Maybe I can shave a big love heart in her back to hide it...?? Or spray paint one over it???

Oh dear...Life's little difficulties.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh, Sahara. Back when you had 4 legs.

Brother's brother?

Sarah and I are constantly on the look out for more Long Lost Brothers to our two boys Phoenix and Bruza. And today...I think I did! He's free to a good home, looks so much like Bruza and I feel like I should be doing something about it. I've made a life long friend from meeting Sarah through Phoenix (and Phoenix now has Bruza, and Sahara has his 'brother' Mac...see where I'm going with this?)

Check out Made In Melbourne to see some more evidence.