Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stafishs and happy snaps.

As Phoenix is in a starfish induced delirium (yep, he got peckish at Mt Eliza beach yesterday, and hasn't been the same since. Blank stares, drunkly prancing around the house, constant squeaking noises...I don't know whether to laugh or rush him to the vet.
I'm also about to shoot D - he'd been using my rechargeable batteries in his remote control car (and terrifying the dogs with it) and 'forgot' to a) recharge them and b)put them back in my camera, so when I was about to secure several more road trip happy snaps from yesterday of my darling camera was lifeless. Grr.

So, here's a few old snaps to enjoy :)

1. Phoenix's teeth the day he came home. We were both a little in shock how big those biters are.

2. Sahara and I spending the final moments in my old house. I needed a bit of loving, and got a bit of an attack. I love this photo :)

3. Sahara the bush pig. Doing what she does best - getting muddy and wet, and hallucinating about catching fishes.

4. The first moments Phoenix and Sahara spent together - I was busy taking photos and sending them to D, saying 'can we have him? he's really sweet!'. I couldn't see his teeth in the photo, as I was sitting in bright sun :)

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