Monday, March 31, 2008

Bike riding and blue stuff.

The kids and I are going bike riding with Bruza and Macca's tonight - this will be a laugh. Sahara is beyond terrified of the bike, and as Phoenix is a bit dense, he feels no pain when he runs in front of the tires, so it's always a bit of an adventure. Usually I harness them up and take them roller blading, but there's very few paths that go for our minimum 10-15km that are sealed around our new area. And gravel rash is never fun.
Tonight we're going to Sahara's favorite place - it incorporates The Bog Of Eternal Stench II, and Blue Heaven. (When I went away for two days to the wedding, my mum took the dogs here with Sarah, to give them some exercise. Sahara, inevitably, found the blackberries, and apparently spent a few merry minutes getting entirely covered in juice, and emerging a slightly different color, which my mother then had to wash off in the bath with her (Sahara's, not mum's) special whitening shampoo with added light reflective stuff, so I wouldn't have an absolute fit when I saw her).

I will be taking some photos hopefully, as you may have noticed I've been a bit slack lately, as we haven't been on many road trips lately.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Puppy Update

Yep - we're back! The dogs have had a wonderful month - their new garden has lots of lovely new smells, great bushes for playing hide and seek in, and mummy's prized rockery to dig up. Sahara is still breaking hearts, Phoenix still makes idiotic noises instead of barking, and both have discovered Baxter park - over 7 football ovals and muddy bog to run through at their hearts content, with 8+ other pups while all the mummy's and daddy's power walk around the perimeter in an attempt to get fit.

For the first time in over a year - since the day my darling Sahara came home to me - I had to spend a night without her when Chef & I attended his brothers wedding. My mother was installed in the spare bedroom, with strict instructions and several emergency contact numbers/vets/Lost Dogs Home etc. I liked to think they were happy with a mini-vacay of their own, yet were still pining slightly and listening for my footsteps with pricked ears, but to be honest I think they were more than happy romping and shedding large amounts of hair over my new queen size bed.

It's been so...I think relaxing is the word?... being able to leave them in the back garden (do we recall the fence drama at the last house? Which, incidentally, was never fixed and I was still unable to leave the dogs outside for more than an hour?) while I'm out. It took me a while to be able to leave them - hell, I've been practically attached to them 24/7 for the past 8 months - but they're more than happy sunbaking in the rockery and taunting the dogs next door while I go shopping.

On Sunday, we attended the RSPCA All Creatures Day - we helped out at the BBQ - and I had a wander around the grounds and found an amazing couture collar shop, called Empawrium - I was blown away! I've been looking for a collar for Sahara dripping with bling and sparkles, and I have finally found it! I'm also entering the kids in to be Pet of the Month and try and get some more traffic here - the dogs do love the attention :)

Speaking of's breakfast time, and there's two big juicy bones with my kids names on :)

Phoenix is still his usual self and demanding attention in his own special way.