Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Remembering Ruby

My dogs truly bring all types of good things (minus the fleas) - today I received a wonderful book in the mail from a lovely woman named Melisa Wells, all the way from the U S of A.
She somehow stumbled across this blog, left me a nice comment, and since then I've been following her process of publishing and promoting her book, Remembering Ruby - For Families Living Beyond The Loss Of A Pet.
The photo were gorgeous, the story; although terribly sad, really was brilliant in tying in relevant information and not being too overwhelming for children. Having said that, it would be a great guide for children of any age - and parents needing a little guidance and advice.

Yep, I'll never be a book reviewer. But in all seriousness, check out Melisa's Remembering Ruby journey here, and then go order yourself a copy.

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