Friday, November 9, 2007

This, that and the other (non exciting).

So, we've had a busy few days involving Christmas decorations, walkies and general crazyness.
Phoenix looked more than slightly bewildered by all the Xmas baubles, while Sahara was in heaven, pretending she was a kitten and using them as skittles in between licking and sniffing each and every item in turn.

It did make us wonder if Phoenix has seen a tree or baubles before, not to mention tinsel and the rest of the decorations in my little grotto.

As soon as I washed Sahara today, she went and rolled in the boggy swamp in the river near us. Bush pig.

I'm having fits of excitement about her modeling debut on the 25th, and rashly promised her a sparkly new pink collar if she behaves like a little angel. Hmm.

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Melisa said...

You're decorating for Christmas already???

Hanukkah begins on 12/4 and I haven't even thought of pulling out the boxes. :)

You're way more organized than I.