Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo Fun Vol: II

Phoenix and Sahara tell me they're feeling a tad silly today, so here it is - the {slightly edited} photo fun I had a few giggles with on my other blog yesterday.
Same rules - type in the answer to the question to Google Images, and choose an image from the first page that pops up to represent that answer. Fun fun!

1. With which historical figure do I most identify: P(hoenix): Sherlock Holmes. I've got the jowls, saggy eye sockets and I like wearing brown plaid.

S(ahara): Paris Hilton, because I'm blonde, high maintenance and spread my legs a lot when I sleep.

2. My favorite place: P: Somewhere I can relax and kick back and be waited on hand and paw.

S: anywhere with chickens or feathers.

3. My favorite objects: P: The headrest in the back of the Daddy's car - I adore licking it on long journeys.

S: Feathers. Feathers. Feathers.

4. My favorite food: P & S: Mmmmm....

5. My nickname: P: Big boy, amongst other things.

S: Pudding. Possum. Plumptious. Precious. Pigeon. You get the idea.

6. The place I was born: P: If only I could tell Mummy... S: Puppy Mill.

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