Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the summertime when the weather is fine....

I think the dogs are dying of heat exhaustion. It hit 32 out before, and Sahara's laying on the couch propped up on a cushion so her neck fat wobbles every time she pants. She looks like she's on her last gasp, and can barely be bothered getting up to eat the chicken I made for her. ( I don't mean I actually made the chicken; I merely presented it on a plate and offered it to her covered in cheese and honey mustard. And yes, I'm fully aware of just how bad that really is for her, but she's a little underweight at the moment and well...she's a piglet).

Phoenix is flat out by the door on the hardwood, trying to cool down and dribbling in large pools all around him. He's finally calmed down after meeting the rabbit earlier this morning. I've never seen him so excited by life.

Should be fun when it's 38 degrees on Tuesday.

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WORDofRYE said...

Aw, poor babies! Do they like ice cubes? I don't know if it really helps them cool down much, but last summer when my A/C broke three times (gah!) I gave my doggy ice cubes as a treat, and he seemed to enjoy it :)