Wednesday, September 19, 2007


When I woke up all snuffly and putrid this morning, I asked D for an extra blanket, which he duly fetched. As he was tucking my up into a cocoon, I noticed he was carefully doing the same to Sahara and Phoenix, who were happily cuddled up beside me. It got me wondering who was the top priority in this family. I then started thinking about the first few days and weeks we had Sahara, when D would rush home to see how she was liking her new food/how many puddles she'd made on the carpet/just how violently she had ripped apart the swimming pool and my belongings.

So, of course, I started going through my happy snaps of her when she was oh so tiny. All 1700+ of them. And I thought I'd share with the world just how adorable she was, way back when, when her ears didn't stand up and she was almost pure white with orange ears...

1 & 2: The first two photos of my darling, when she first came home from the pet shop and I was presented with my beautiful puppy, who I'd begged for after seeing all alone in a pet shop for weeks...(and yes, I know all about puppy mills, back yard breeders and such, but like hell I was going to leave my soul mate in a tiny glass cage to rot).

3 & 4: Day trips to the beach over Xmas, and driving around with my new pooch, who had attitude from day one...

5 & 6 The first two photos of her ears standing up! Doesn't she look like an alien??

7: Trying to cool off on a nasty Summer day in the shower.

and 8: my all time favorite photo of my little bug :)


Totally adorable, is she not?

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Prin said...

She's adorable.:)

friction said...

That is a FANTASTIC photo, I love it!