Sunday, September 2, 2007

So, I was searching for a nice new (and very sparkly) collar for my little possum, and found this website for Paws Store, which happens to be in Williamstown...and I was hooked. Puppachinos? Doga and Pawlates? Poochercise and matching 'peticures' for you and your pup? I think it might be considered a little sad to have the same shade of nail varnish as my dog*. But I have to say - I've already booked in for the Petarazzi Photo Shoot day, where the best shot from your pooches shoot is super imposed on a magazine cover...Sahara would love it! She's such a little flirt (dirty slurry would be more appropriate..) and she had a barrel of laughs at her last shoot, at Count Dogula in Moonee Ponds. Yes, I know. Irresponsible dog ownership and all that. Using her for my own amusement, blah blah blah. But if strange men are going to abuse me in public for having no control over my children, I may as well have some fun with her on lead!

And yes, I found some weird and, just weird doggie fetishes from a place called Fuppies, in Brisbane. I mean...even I wouldn't do this to Phoenix.

* Alright. I admit it. The only reason Sahara and I don't have a manicure in matching hue is simply because she licks it all off before 'tis dry.

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