Thursday, September 6, 2007


I have totally fallen in love with the new range by Puppia. I spent the morning looking at rescue pups needing homes in Victoria, which I know I shouldn't do - I only end up emailing people in rage for their idiotic and downright cruel reasons for dumping their 'loved companions', and then spending lots and lots of money on my own two mutts, as some kind of show of affection. Not very productive, and soon I am going to end up with about 7 dogs because I simply cannot forget about them and the horrible fate that awaits them, because of human ignorance.

So, onto the Puppia range. They had some totally cute shirts at Count Dogula, and show some really original designs, and are grey for both boy dogs, and little hussy's like Sahara. They even go up to Phoenix's size, which is not a common occurance.

So now I need to decide whether to get Sahara a new collar, or be a naughty puppy mummy and get her that gorgeous coat.

Whatever I decide, I am definitely getting them a style of harness they produce. When I am feeling lazy and the dogs are going insane, I strap them up, put my rollerblades on and head down the St Kilda waterfront, and unleash the fury, and basically go an terrifying speeds along the pavement until they are nicely exhausted. I've been looking for a harness that will be soft enough and durable (the clips on Phoenix's tend to unbuckle at inopportune moments) and evenly distribute the weight of me being dragged behind.
Oh yes. And they are adorable.

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