Tuesday, August 21, 2007

M.I.A explained.

My two favorite boys...

Had a very busy few days, visiting family on the coast - Sahara is such a little beach dog (partly why she's named Sahara - she's the color of sand) and loved chasing specks of sand, crashing through the waves with me and fetching sticks. Phoenix allowed himself to disdainfully put a paw in the ocean, and spent the day looking disgusted with himself. He is absolutely appalled by seaweed, and the beach in general, but after much persuasion I managed to teach him how to dig - such a shame my batteries died in my camera a few minutes previously, it was hilarious to watch; he would dig with one paw, kicking up huge amounts of sand and then burying his nose deep in the sand, and snorting it all up like a deranged coke addict.

Yesterday we found an off leash park listed online (always scouring for new places to take them to unleash their fury) and it had a mini agility course. We traveled all the way there to find 6 tiny obstacles in a random patch of grass. Slightly disappointed, to say the least - but once we got into the spirit of things, it was great. Phoenix did his usual - too superior to act like a canine - but Sahara was in her element, and had a brilliant time jumping enthusiastically on everything, as opposed to going THROUGH them, like the tunnel.
I am now hell bent on sticking up some broom handles and similar in the back garden and teaching them to weave, and trying to think of genius ideas to get them into a tunnel - steak, tennis balls and similar bribes may come in handy.

Take a look at the video to see how well they did for their first time!

And a few seconds of my big man - there was several takes on this, usually without Phoenix either coming to a complete stop, or not jumping up at all, but YouTube will have a fit if I try and upload them all.

Enjoy :)

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friction said...

I'm still teaching Kai to walk up _ALL 3_ steps that lead from the lounge into the hallway! :| Wussbag that he is! Good work!