Monday, August 13, 2007

summer lovin'

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Summer - so much so, when it reached 17 degrees today, I grabbed a towel, stripped off and laid on the deck for a few quiet minutes with Harry Potter.

Silly me. I obviously had a momentary brain lapse, and forgot what my dogs are like - any time I am close to their level, it is apparently 'Let's Annoy Mummy As Much As Possible' time. Usually this occurs when I work out - which, although relatively rare, is rather hilarious. I'll lay down, and attempt some feeble sit-ups whilst drooling over Mr Stokes on CSI Las Vegas, and I will suddenly find myself with Sahara's leg in my mouth, a tennis ball or some hideously soggy-with-saliva rope toy dangling from one ear, and Phoenix tickling my feet with his seal-like whiskers.

I can always find a reason to quit exercising.

Never the less, I persevered with my relaxing body cooking, praising the Sun Lord as I carefully roasted first one side, then the other. I was slowly dozing off... then it hit me.

A slimy, gnawed hock bone. Complete with the gooey white marrow. In the middle of my back. Yep, a large part of a cow's back leg touched my bare skin.
Another moment of stupidity - I squealed. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, both of them were jumping on me, Sahara attempting to pierce my eardrum with a plastic coat hanger (What? from where??) and Phoenix smacking me repeatedly in the face with his smelly paw. By this stage, Sahara was laying on my back, tail going 'thwack' into the back of my head, whilst Phoenix started snuffling sweet nothings into my neck. Sigh...

Oh, and...

I ordered my new bed a few weeks back, and it finally arrived, much to Sahara's disgust and terror. I have tried several times to upload it, and YouTube tells me it is too large. If only I had a PC and could condense the file...bloody Mac.

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