Friday, August 10, 2007

The bizarre world of Phoenix

Since Phoenix has come home, he's been somewhat...strange.
He tends to sit for minutes at a time, making direct eye contact, whining and howling, and occasionally coming up and swatting you in the face.

I let him outside for a wee. I feed him. I take him for another 5km walk. I hide some salami under a glass, and make him find where it is. Nothing gives. He just can't settle.

He will come and sit on my lap whilst watching T.V/playing on the internets, strategically placing all 35kg of his long, wiry limbs across my vision, and will sit and snuffle in my ear...and then the moaning starts again.

I just don't get it. They get walked for miles every day, they are fed 2-3 times daily, we train at least once a week with our training centre, and play around in any spare few minutes. I've tried getting him to lower his standards, and actually put a tennis ball or other apparently ridiculous 'toy' in his gob, to no avail.

The only time he seems remotely interested in life is when there's the smell of rabbit somewhere. I have no fear he'll ever actually catch one - he's too busy crashing through the undergrowth, tongue lolling and spittle flying, blank, demonic's the whole thrill of the chase.

I just wonder what goes through his head sometimes, I really do.

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