Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Brotherly Love

Phoenix came home from the rescue shelter on ANZAC Day this year, and his photo and a little information on him had been posted in their website. After a month or so, I emailed the shelter to give them an update on how he was doing - starting to wag his tail, aggression settling down, letting me touch his belly etc - and I received a response saying a lady had contacted them, saying she tho
ught she had one of his litter mates,
who was around the same age, and very similar looking. Fast forward 3 months, we met up for a puppy play date and re-introduced them - they don't seem to really notice each other, too busy sniffing and playing with other doggies and catching balls etc, but don't you think they're very similar?

You can see Sahara in her most natural state in this photo:
See the rather large hole? She's actually not the mastermind of this one :)
And don't you just love puppies?

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