Thursday, January 17, 2008

Swanky Pup?

Both pooshes have been super busy lately, but not doing a whole lot of anything interesting. We've all been testing out new parks around {hopefully} our new home (there's an off leash park literally across the road from {hopefully} the new place) and driving hundreds of kilometers in the meantime, searching for our perfect house. They've had a wonderful reference written for them to add to our house applications, and they've also been learning to 'speak' to show their appreciation for our current estate agent (please note the use of sarcasm). I needn't have worried - Sahara's not her number one fan as it is, and happily bared her fangs when the agent held an open inspection at our house last night.

Sahara is going to be entered for Swanky Pup Of The Week on The Swanky Pup today, so fingers crossed she will be a star as of next Thursday! I just need to choose a photo of her... any suggestions are welcome!

She's loving her new Fuzzyard Crush Proof Hot Ball - she's finding it nigh on indestructable, and as it's a glowing orange in color, it's super easy to spot when she gets sidetracked and leaves it in the boggy scrub.

I will update tomorrow - hopefully with some more exciting news after we spend this afternoon in the city doing some stuff for the RSPCA - they had a ball walking through the CBD and having full attention when we last went in December. And I might even locate my camera (I think it's gone walkabout in my car) and take some photos.

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