Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Years Day

I'm going to overlook the fact I've done something strange to my banner, and instead focus on more interesting things. Or at least add some photos.

New Years Day dawned as revoltingly hot as the night before...

So I did something that comes naturally to me. I hit the beach, with my two faithful steeds in tow. Sahara did some hot-man-without-a-shirt watching like the pervert she is, and Phoenix committed to roasting himself evenly on both sides. Lots of swimming and frolicking in the surf was had by all.
And then Phoenix gently but firmly told me the sand was too hot for hit bot, so we made the trek home and watched tennis in front of the fan and consuming anything that was still frozen in the freezer. Ah, Summer!

3 nice people barked a comment:

Melisa said...

That is so funny! Maybe our dogs are related...or maybe it was something in the air today!

Jules said...

HILARIOUS! The dogs of the universe must have been in cahoots today or something.
BTW, it looks sunny & gorgeous where you are, I'm jealous.
House of Jules

Linda Seid Frembes said...

Hello! I just came over from Melisa's blog. I love that photo of you and your dog. What's up with all the dogs sitting on owners?? I feel left out!