Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fuzzyard (blatant plug)

Phoenix's brother - Bruza - has a lovely mummy, Seah. Seah is now working for a lovely pet product company named Fuzzyard.

If anyone's after some quality Australian made products to pamper their pooch with, head to the site and find your nearest stockist!

I had a nice little browse at their website, and so far today I have bought Sahara the Hot Balls, which are apparently 'crush proof' tennis balls for the uber chewer, and a gorgeous pet tag I have had my eye on for a while - she somehow managed to chew through her stainless steel one, and is need of some funky new I.D to match the adorable new collar I just bought her.

Phoenix is the lucky recipient of their Organic Aromatherapy Spray, although I'm debating which 'flavour' to get him - Immunity, Uplifting, Calming or Refreshing. I think I may choose the Uplifting, and hope it fills him with some happiness and light. He's not a happy camper in this weather.

They had a wonderful midnight romp in the surf last night; it got to 11pm and none of us could sleep, so we were soon splashing about in the ocean with an 8 week old Bull Terrier we met down there. Heaven.

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