Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gee Haw!

Makes sense to us...sort of.

Sahara & Phoenix had their puppy pals over for a play date last night - and mainly sat and ate the lamb shanks the lovely Sarah provided them with. They're so anti-social sometimes.
After dinner and much chasing with brooms and yelling for them to remain away from the table, they all came in and got harnessed up and we were soon brainstorming and chatting away about how we're going to build our cart. We spent a lot of time scribbling ideas and attaching broom poles to the dogs to attempt demonstrations, and the dogs were all very good with it all. I think they're going to have a wonderful time being chariot dogs!

Phoenix & Sahara demonstrate with a broom.

This afternoon is going to be spent attaching a pole to their harness and somehow attemping to make long lines like reins, and teach them left (Gee!) and right (Haw!). Apparently Mush is rarely used but for movies, if you go by the Iditarod Sled Dog voice commands, and the correct term is "Hike Up!".

Sahara & Sarah have a cuddle.

We're hoping to have our first cart to have 4 wheels, brakes, suspension and a cute little flag on the back, and if we can somehow managed to flog them off, we figure we need a snappy name like 'K9 KruiserS' (Go, Sarah!) to advertise with on the back of the sulky. We also want to be able to snap more dogs on - it needs to just have the one or two dogs when we're exercising alone, but have the ability to have 6 dogs + when we want to be show offs and for puppy play dates. Me thinkies this is going to be a blast, and the dogs are going to love it!

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