Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the shock of it all

I'm rather regretting encouraging the mutts to clamber through my window.

I came home yesterday from collecting my massive, gorgeous, lovely Corningware casserole set I won via a dodgy magazine, and wondered why I could hear the dogs barking. And echoing. I asked D if he'd left the back door open - negative - and then wandered in a daze throughout the house looking for signs of damage - again, no.

I was shocked. I can't leave them outside for 5 minutes without then eating a pot plant/shoes/my yoga mat, and they'd even managed to climb onto their destroyed couch, somehow open the window pane with their snouts, and jump wholly through my fly screen - yet nothing. No sunglasses with no lenses. My bed was still intact. Even my indoor plants had all their stems. It makes me wonder if a) they'd only been in a few moments and hadn't gotten started yet, b) they were doing an inventory of things on their list to destroy and were interrupted, or c) they may, inch by inch, becoming slightly more trustworthy. It's a hard one.

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Melisa said...

Clever ones, those two. You'd better watch your back!