Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas party's and kittens

Yesterday we had a wander around the Australian Dog Training Christmas Party. We haven't trained with them for a long time, due to all sorts of reasons and a bit of laziness, so we thought we'd better pretend we were still active members. Sahara wore her cute little pink jumper, and Phoenix donned his Security vest, but there were plenty of dogs wrapped in tinsel and so on. There was agility rounds, and free barbeque, and that was about it - so we followed S & her dogs, and enjoyed lunch at a dog friendly outdoor cafe in Mt Eliza before heading to the dog park and enjoying some games. Well, the dogs enjoyed some games, centered around tennis balls and running lots - a perfect way to wear them out. After dinner, my new arrival arrived - Cindi the Kitty - and the dogs are yet to even notice her. Although she slept next to my bed, I was up all night sick, and that and their crazy ball chasing exhaustion meant there was no time for inquisitive sniffing. I think it's only a matter of time until they notice the sardine cocktail in the bowl in the laundry, but having said that, there's a large, slimy grey fish thawing out in the kitchen and they're none the wiser.
I again forgot my camera, so I shall be relying on photos being sent via S of the day (and lots of photos of kitty, although some rather bad ones can be viewed on my Made In Melbourne blog). Enjoy :0)

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