Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas beach romps.

Sahara and Phoenix had a blast this Christmas. Sahara had already managed to steal half her presents from under the tree (well, in the fireplace, where they were this year) so she didn't get as many as she should. They also got some lovely treats from Mum, and enjoyed all the roast turkey scraps. Luckily they quite like sleeping in the tent - I think they enjoy any excuse to lay all over me and attempt to steal my pillows, but even more, they loved their days down the beach. They didn't get a chance to come surfing - there were several thousand other people on the beach, and didn't think it was wise to see how they reacted alone on the beach.

I was given a nice mountain bike, and after riding it around the back garden a few times, I'm beginning to realize it may be somewhat dangerous to be riding it with the dogs either side, if the psychotic barking is anything to go by.

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