Saturday, December 8, 2007


There's been very little activity going on lately, as it's been quite warm and the dogs aren't feeling too energetic. I've been trying to walk them every day, like I used to, but in this heat it's ridiculous - we get about 6km in and we're all ready to drop. Phoenix has even faced his fear, and now launches himself in The Bog Of Eternal Stench and swims madly after the ducklings, while Sahara shouts encouragement from the river banks.

My best friend is coming for a sleep-over tomorrow night (yes, I'm reverting to high school) and so they'll have plenty of attention then - she's just as a big a dog lover, and plays even rougher than I do.

Today I'm thinking of taking them to the beach and sharing some ice cream, but they're not looking too excited by the idea - I think they'd rather round madly around with all the dogs in the park and go play in the lake. I had thought of strapping my rollerblades on and harnessing them up, but I've not taken them out alone like that, and I'd prefer both knee caps intact over this holiday season.

I found the first photos of Phoenix meeting his brother, Bruza again after 2 years, so enjoy.

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