Monday, September 1, 2008

Surgery Date.

I just took all three of my charges for a short walk, and stopped in at the vets to have a chat with the surgeon who I have been hoping to entrust with Sahara's surgery. Luckily, he was available for a chat, and he was absolutely lovely - I couldn't have met anyone I would rather chop open my darling fur child. He didn't seem to mind me bombarding him with hundreds of questions, and practically sobbing when he said she would need to stay in overnight. He really made me feel at ease, and all the dogs were quite happy too - they were so busy snuffling him and tying him up in their 3 leads to realize they were in the consultation room they usually despise so much.

As a result, she's booked in for Friday morning, and will stay overnight. I am terrified, to say the least, and hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

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Charlie Daniels said...

I'm gonna send lots of my special Red Heelering Energy over your way. It should arrive soon.