Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boys Birthday Bash Vol I: Development Stage.

To celebrate the boys birthday, Bruza's mummy Sarah and I have joined forces to give them a birthday bash to be proud of on Sunday.

First, the invites were sent out to all their favorite doggy pals.

Then Phoenix tested out his sexy, sparkly Birthday Boy bow tie out, just to show how handsome he'll look on the day. (and, admittedly, to see if he'd take offense and destroy it within seconds).

Then yesterday was Bake Day. Sarah and I slaved over 90+ dog friendly, healthy (ish) doggy treats, which our more-than-willing taste testers Bruza and Mac hungrily approved of. (Sahara doesn't lower her standards to eat anything other than prime steak these days, so obviously she completely ignored them).
These Cheesy Chocolate Chews came out smelling divine! If it weren't for the 'dog friendly' chocolate I'd have demolished a few myself.

On the left we have Meaty Munches, filled with liver treats and vegetables, and on the right are the fishy feasts known as Tuna Treats, which sent the 3 cats in residence into a meowing fit. (Please note: these are the deformed ones that didn't quite come out bone shaped. The 'real' ones are far superior).

Last night I spent quite some time packaging up their 'Doggy Bags' for their four legged friends to take home from the Bash.

So far, these are all we have in them as we're a-waiting more shampoo samples and other doggy goodies.

Today I'm going to be busy making up all the labels (for ingredients lists etc) for the 20 'Doggy Bags' of cookies from KatFur Bakery (that's me!) which will be under our 'production' name of 44Paws (the number of feet our pets have put together),
and get a'baking on the cake front.

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Charlie Daniels said...

OMD that is all just soooooo awesome :-)

It's gonna be a ripper party!



Abz-Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday.... Chels would die for some of those treats, we'd join you if we were closer...mmmmmm