Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Bash: Fun!

One of the Birthday Boys :)

Some of the guest enjoying the Fairy Bread (didn't last long, I can assure you!)

Phoenix and his proud daddy show off their muscles.

Phoenix and Bruza let off some steam before their guests arrive.

Adele gets some Lab love from Kai.

Kaos takes a break from Fetch.

Our Old Men wait for some crumbs.

Mac, Bruza, Phoenix and Kai have a breather and pose for us.

All in all, I think everyone had a fun day. Phoenix is completely beat today, and I wish Sahara could have come along and joined in the fun, but we were super lucky with the weather and we made some new friends (as well as the dogs!). The KatFur Bakery doggy biscuits went down a ...treat, and Phoenix and Bruza got some lovely presents from their doggy friends (and ate a whole lot of human food, as well as their Scooby Snacks).

... Sahara's off to get her check in an hour. Hopefully they can come out and we'll be able to go for teeny, tiny walkies soon. She's quite clearly about to climb up the wall with boredom, and she's getting rather chunky being idle all the time!

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Charlie Daniels said...

That looks like it was an awesome party ... Happy Birthday !



Abz-Chelsea said...

Brilliant party, and the bow ties gave it that touch of mmm maybe i'll give Chelsea girl one...

Charlie Daniels said...


Just dropped by for a visit.