Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pet's of the Month :)

Check out the kids on Empawrium's Pets of the Month :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

I heart you, Phoenix, times 365.

The photo that made me race down to the shelter and pick him up.
On the 25th, Phoenix will have been in his fur-ever home for a year. A whole year. A whole year where he has spent one single night with out me (I think you may recall I left my mother in charge, with a list of about 18 emergency vet clinics in a 50km radius, a written note of his likes, dislikes, severe hates and how much drool he will produce on average. And yes, he survived, and I nearly did, too).
The first photo of the two playing together...awww!
I am also happy to announce, after his yearly check up and vaccine booster on Wednesday...he has put on a whole 8.2 kilo's since he became my child. He was a very thin 29kg the day I picked him up, and apparently had already stacked on 2kg in the months he'd been at the shelter, so he really was an emaciated little man.The drive home from the shelter with the dog who didn't care where he was going, yet leaned on me the entire way.
As you all know, he's grown masses of confidence, a whole heap of trust, and best of all, he actually smiles these days. He gets a big goofy grin and his eyes light up, instead of the fear and dread thing he had going on back in the day.

Falling for my gorgeous boy!
You'll be aware he now will let people pat his tummy (well, maybe only me and Sarah, as demonstrated at the vets when she attempted touching his manly area and he practically climb up the wall, holwing and rolling his eyes) and he excelled himself to the second highest level of training in our club in a few short months.

He still thinks he's a lap dog at nearly 40kg
He even 95% got over his on leash aggression, and can be walked safely on and off leash in public.It wasn't all roses with Phoenix...
All in all, he's a changed dog, and all for the better. I couldn't imagine life with out my big Boofer Woofer, and I even mostly tolerate his drool all over my black clothing.
One year one, and hasn't he turned into a handsome boy?

His first ever go at agility, such a star!

...and here's some sillyness I just had to share ;)

Happy and Sad

Cleo the Kitten got her lady bits ripped out on Wednesday, and has had a complete character change ever since. Gone are the days of quiet cuddles and sleeping the day away, to be replaced with psychotic episodes of climbing walls/eating my shoe laces/meowing hysterically. I did think of taking her back to the vets and asking for a new version, but then considered how happy I would be with all my fallopian tubes and the like removed. Bliss!

I've taken to taunting her ceaselessly in an effort to wear her out, and bought her a wind up dune buggy car designed for 3 year old children to keep her amused. It didn't work. But I did find someone who did appreciate it.

At least it's cheered her up after her somewhat dismal appearance on national television. I keep telling her she's the most beautiful girl in the world, second only to myself, but she just gets a little down, you know?

Her new collar helped somewhat, and allowing her to roll in starfish/dead penguins/nasty seaweed on our daily trips to the beach, but all she really wants is to be admired by the world.

(please excuse the mess in the video, I was in the process of clearing up, I swear).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You're still one in a million to me, Phoenix.

UPDATE: I have no idea what happened to the Phoenix lookalike pup - I called several times and emailed them, but to no avail. Let's hope he found a great forever home.
I've found another Phoenix/Bruza.
He's only 3 months old, and he's only got a day or so left before his time's up at the shelter.

Ohhh, dilemma.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy hounds.

Sahara and Phoenix had a super time at the Million Paws Walk Shoot, and I made sure Sahara was right up front and in the cameras way whenever possible. She did somewhat let me down when they attempted a close up, and Sahara had hysterics and tried mauling the lense. Suzie Wilks said she thought Sahara was absolutely lovely!
The dogs went for walkies in all their Million Paws Walk merchandise afterwards - I was dying for a coffee and some mud cake - and they were super well behaved as we sat at Southgate and watched the helicopters take off.

Maccas is over today, my two are baby sitting him as Bruza is having his second round of surgery after getting stabbed in the mouth/throat by a stick over Easter, poor boy. Mac is quite happily chasing Sahara around and declaring his undyi
ng love to her, while she guards all her sticks and toys with her life.

They had a super fun time down the beach yesterday, and found a tasty dead penguin to nibble on while I wasn't looking. Luckily they weren't too keen on freezing their paws off, and mainly stayed out the water. I wasn' t looking forward to wet doggy smell after they were groomed to an inch of their life on Sunday, and are still smelling lovely (Thanks Fuzzyard! Mmm, Orange and Bergamot 'Uplifting' spritz spray and Jojoba and Basil shampoo!).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Millions Paws Walk

It's official! Sahara and Phoenix and going to model for the Million Paws Walk T.V commercial!
We're off to the shoot on Saturday, and Sahara and Phoenix will have either coats or bandanna's and I'll wear the MPW shirt, and that's about all I know!

I am beyond thrilled that myself and my kids will be on TV!

Sahara; Diva.

I think I may spontaneously combust with excitement.

Recall my post about Empawrium ?
I received an email in return to my request for Phoenix and Sahara to be their Pet Of The Month for May - and as well as that wonderful, amazing bit of news - they have offered to link this blog to their own Friends of Empawrium site.

But wait, there's more.

They have offered to design two collars to reflect the wonderfulness of my pooches, and NAME THEM after my two lovable rogues - and will unleash them (pardon the pun...) at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk! (Sunday, 18th May - I sincerely hope this date is in all Melburnians diaries).

My two darlings! Practically stars!

I have also emailed off their best photos, along with their application to be involved in the filming of the Million Paws Walk television ad.

Here's Sahara in her latest video, entitled "I Will Kill You, Mr Balloon".

Self explanatory, really.