Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy hounds.

Sahara and Phoenix had a super time at the Million Paws Walk Shoot, and I made sure Sahara was right up front and in the cameras way whenever possible. She did somewhat let me down when they attempted a close up, and Sahara had hysterics and tried mauling the lense. Suzie Wilks said she thought Sahara was absolutely lovely!
The dogs went for walkies in all their Million Paws Walk merchandise afterwards - I was dying for a coffee and some mud cake - and they were super well behaved as we sat at Southgate and watched the helicopters take off.

Maccas is over today, my two are baby sitting him as Bruza is having his second round of surgery after getting stabbed in the mouth/throat by a stick over Easter, poor boy. Mac is quite happily chasing Sahara around and declaring his undyi
ng love to her, while she guards all her sticks and toys with her life.

They had a super fun time down the beach yesterday, and found a tasty dead penguin to nibble on while I wasn't looking. Luckily they weren't too keen on freezing their paws off, and mainly stayed out the water. I wasn' t looking forward to wet doggy smell after they were groomed to an inch of their life on Sunday, and are still smelling lovely (Thanks Fuzzyard! Mmm, Orange and Bergamot 'Uplifting' spritz spray and Jojoba and Basil shampoo!).

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Prin said...

Great pics. They look like they're having so much fun. :)