Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy and Sad

Cleo the Kitten got her lady bits ripped out on Wednesday, and has had a complete character change ever since. Gone are the days of quiet cuddles and sleeping the day away, to be replaced with psychotic episodes of climbing walls/eating my shoe laces/meowing hysterically. I did think of taking her back to the vets and asking for a new version, but then considered how happy I would be with all my fallopian tubes and the like removed. Bliss!

I've taken to taunting her ceaselessly in an effort to wear her out, and bought her a wind up dune buggy car designed for 3 year old children to keep her amused. It didn't work. But I did find someone who did appreciate it.

At least it's cheered her up after her somewhat dismal appearance on national television. I keep telling her she's the most beautiful girl in the world, second only to myself, but she just gets a little down, you know?

Her new collar helped somewhat, and allowing her to roll in starfish/dead penguins/nasty seaweed on our daily trips to the beach, but all she really wants is to be admired by the world.

(please excuse the mess in the video, I was in the process of clearing up, I swear).

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