Monday, March 31, 2008

Bike riding and blue stuff.

The kids and I are going bike riding with Bruza and Macca's tonight - this will be a laugh. Sahara is beyond terrified of the bike, and as Phoenix is a bit dense, he feels no pain when he runs in front of the tires, so it's always a bit of an adventure. Usually I harness them up and take them roller blading, but there's very few paths that go for our minimum 10-15km that are sealed around our new area. And gravel rash is never fun.
Tonight we're going to Sahara's favorite place - it incorporates The Bog Of Eternal Stench II, and Blue Heaven. (When I went away for two days to the wedding, my mum took the dogs here with Sarah, to give them some exercise. Sahara, inevitably, found the blackberries, and apparently spent a few merry minutes getting entirely covered in juice, and emerging a slightly different color, which my mother then had to wash off in the bath with her (Sahara's, not mum's) special whitening shampoo with added light reflective stuff, so I wouldn't have an absolute fit when I saw her).

I will be taking some photos hopefully, as you may have noticed I've been a bit slack lately, as we haven't been on many road trips lately.

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